23 Reasons To Make Twitter Chats Part Of Your Social Media

Leveraging The Power of Twitter Chats In Your Social Media

This past Sunday, I spent some time on a Twitter chat hosted by Mack Collier and Brian Clark.

This one goes by the #blogchat hashtag handle, happens every Sunday night at 5 pm Pacific and brings in some of the best bloggers and social media mentors on a common platform.

Twitter chats can be one of the most invaluable tools in your social media success arsenal – but given their ephemeral nature, the wisdom often gets overlooked and/or lost.

There are a special set of tools that make Twitter chats easy. Flokks is a Twitter client dedicated to Twitter chats, and is pretty much the defacto standard. What The Hashtag is another one of these must have tools, this one archives the tweets by hashtag for later reference.

There were a bunch of great ideas that came out on the blog chat this past Sunday, and I did want to recap the key ones here.

Check them out, take what applies to your social media world and leave the rest. Okay?

Nuggets of Wisdom From Brian Clark of Copyblogger:

1. Titles are the most important thing. Not the only thing by a long shot, but attention lives and dies there.

2. No, we have really well-planned editorial calendars. I can’t imagine posting the wrong content.

3. Is strong voice and personality a mandatory part of compelling content? @MarkDykeman Depends on how you define strong. Overbearing, no. Distinct and compelling, yes.

4. The headline and the image are the two initial parts of the story you’re telling. They’re a congruent promise.

5. You plan in the sense that every post furthers your near-term and/or long-term goals.

6. How does Seth Godin get away with such poor headlines? A huge amount of trust and authority. Remember, he wrote the bible – Permission Marketing – in 1999.

7. Strong opening, scannable organized structure, compelling close, call to action.

8. Quality matter most. Do one exception post a week rather than 5 mediocre ones.

9. Look at old David Ogilvy ads for examples of image + headlines that tell a story. He was a master at it.

10. Here are the components of a compelling article, post, etc. One tweet for each.

11. But first, you need to be clear of your primary objectives for blogging.

12. First, what are you trying to accomplish ultimately? What business are you trying to build, who are you trying to influence?

13. Never lose site of your ultimate goals.

14. From there, focus on 3 things relentlessly – 1. Links. 2. Subscribers. 3. Action (what do you want people to do?)

15. Then, what remarkable benefit does your blog offer? Why would people subscribe? What problems do you solve?

16. Who are you trying to reach? What are they like? It helps if you are in your own target market.

17. It doesn’t have to be a new problem, it needs to be a unique solution. Sometimes the unique part is you.

18. Headlines are promises with hooks. A compelling benefit to the reader with an interesting angle.

19. If the headline is not remarkable, nobody will click inside regardless of intended action.  That’s right. That’s why it’s the most important thing. Old rule of copywriting, still true.

20. Always deliver on the promise in the headline. Always.

21. Guest posting is the best way to attract an audience and get links that get now traffic & then SEO traffic.

22. Important, but if your best headline for people doesn’t focus on keywords, use an alternate title tage for search.

23. Spontaneity is fantastic. But does the post forward your goals? If not, don’t do it.

Brian was talking about blogging, and creating compelling, sticky content. But a whole lot of these strategies apply equally well to other social media channels too.

A lot of ideas also came out during this week’s #blogchat – and keep coming out every week.

If you are into social media, and are looking to make a difference, this is one place you should be! For starters, you might want to check out the complete chat transcript from this weeks chat, courtesy of What The Hashtag.

What do you think?

And are you ready to make Twitter chats a part of your social media roadmaps? I’d love to hear what you think.

(Image Credit: Wahig http://www.flickr.com/photos/wahig/)

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