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Social Web Success – A Jack Hammer And Chainsaw Approach

Imagine for a minute that you’re a brain surgeon. A very sophisticated one. You show up in a operation theater one day to perform a delicate brain surgery. And the tools you’re carrying with you are a jackhammer and a chainsaw.

Doesn’t sound right, does it? In fact, it sounds downright absurd – and weird.

That’s exactly my point.

Many a times, we are guilty of using a jackhammer and chainsaw approach in our …

Social Media And Networking Success: Are You Faking It?

I was reading the latest issue of the Writer’s Digest magazine. As always, this magazine is chock full of information – but one small paragraph caught my attention.

I extracted this text from Make the Most of Any Writing Event by Linda Formichelli:

Network Naturally. Avoid thinking of it as networking. You’re there to meet like-minded folks also struggling to discover what the world means and how to then communicate some form of

Reputation In Social Media – 3 Sure Fire Ways To Damage It

For everyone, individuals and corporates alike, reputation is of paramount importance. Can’t stress enough the importance of personal branding and reputation in the offline world. Same is true of the online social media world.

Here’s a quick primer on the value of your personal brand and reputation, Seth Godin’s 7-Point Guide to Bootstrap Your Personal Brand by Pete Kistler.

Social media is all about authenticity – and your success with social media is a …

Social Media Success Is More Than Intelligent Algorithms

I was reading Mashable over a cup of coffee this evening, and the news about Amazon and Facebook recommendations integration caught my eye.

To cite the specific paragraph that both intrigued and solaced me -

Now Amazon users will be able to link their Facebook (Facebook)  account to their Amazon account. At the outset, this will allow Amazon to show you recommendations based on your Facebook interests and activity.

This integration will also help you

Social Media Success – 5 Cups Of Wisdom To Consume Daily

Success in social media isn’t rocket science. It’s isn’t about a countdown that leads to a takeoff.

Jay Bear succintly put it on his blog post, Are You Slow Enough To Succeed In Social Media, when he said:

The fundamental premise of social business is that you are interacting and engaging with customers and prospects on a one to one or one to few basis. And that takes time. Trust takes time. Creating advocacy

Social Media Profiles – 4 Ways To Make Brand Me Consistent

I’ll begin this post with a question. How many profiles do you maintain across multiple social media channels? List them down.

I thought I maintain seven profiles, one each at:

How many does your list have?

As a next step, I headed over to Google and searched for my name. Now my name is definitely unique, so I do …

Foursquare, Gowalla: Perspective, Paradigms & 3 A-Ha Moments

This post begins with some statistics, before I get into my own story.

Per Wikipedia’s writeup on Foursquare,

As of March 2010, the service had 500,000 users internationally.

That’s a pretty impressive number considering the fact that Foursquare is just an year old. On a side note – would be interesting to see how many uses Twitter had when it turned one!

There was another tweet from Foursquare that caught my attention sometime …

Social Media: Do You Really Connect?

Last evening, I received a flyer by mail. It came from McDonald’s.

Usually all flyers that I receive land in the recycle bin almost immediately. Many a times, I dispose them off right by the mail box.

This one was different. It made it’s way into my home, and is sitting right by the door. I plan to use it this weekend. It promises to be a wonderfully sunny summer weekend, and I am …

Is Your Social Media World Unique And Memorable?

All of us are unique, in own little ways. Call it eccentric, if you like. Why shouldn’t our social media interactions be as unique and eccentric as we are?

I was talking with my toddler son last evening. He was talking a different lingo. We were reading a book, Toy Story 3, and to a picture of the key characters he said, “Hello every guys!”. How unique is that?

I haven’t heard anyone …

10 Social Media Principles To Help You Get More Mileage

You probably get bombarded by social media every day – every hour – every minute! We all do.

If you were to clock the time you spend on social media, you’ll probably be surprise at how quickly the tweets and scraps add up into minutes and hours.

Christina Warren, in this September 2009 post on Mashable, quoted a report from The Nielsen Company which estimated the time spend on social media:

Americans spent