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23 Reasons To Make Twitter Chats Part Of Your Social Media

Leveraging The Power of Twitter Chats In Your Social Media

This past Sunday, I spent some time on a Twitter chat hosted by Mack Collier and Brian Clark. This one goes by the #blogchat hashtag handle, happens every Sunday night at 5 pm Pacific and brings in some of the best bloggers and social media mentors on a common platform. Twitter chats can be one…

Secondary And Tertiary Channels: 8 Reasons To Invest In Them

Social Media Channels - Base Camp, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Social media is all about channels. You get to pick them, you get to mix and match. And with a wide array and assortment of available channels, it’s impossible to focus on all of them. I am a great proponent of the base camp concept in social media. Your social media basecamp should be your…