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A Real Simple Way To Make Social Media Relevant

A Real Simple Way To Make Social Media Relevant

There’s this teenager on the streets of Mumbai, India. His name is Ravi – and he makes a living by selling peacock feather fans. This is his story – and one that all of us should watch at least once: A picture is worth a thousand words. A video with 24 frames per second is…

Is Your Social Media Killing Your List?

Is Social Media Killing Your List?

I was reading the book, UnMarketing by Scott Stratten. In the chapter about Viral Marketing, Scott makes an interesting observation about social media: Social media is really good for building relationships and can result in sales if you do it right. Social media is not the best way to build your list. Please let me…

[Poll] Do You Tweet Horizontally Or Vertically?

Do You Tweet Horizontally Or Vertically?

There’s a huge plethora of Twitter clients available in the market today – both for tweeting horizontally and vertically. Each one of these Twitter clients comes with its own merits and handicap – coupled with the challenges and the advantages that the different hardware platforms offer. I wanted your feedback on how you use Twitter…

Is Exclusion Marketing Your Social Media Marketing Tactic?

Stay Away From Exclusion Marketing

Last week, Mike Cliffe-Jones of Mike’s Life wrote about Exclusion Marketing and it’s increasing prevalence in the online social media world: I’m not sure when it started, but it has become cool and trendy in on-line circles to promote on the basis of exclusion. There’s much talk about recruiting tribes of like-minded people and being…

Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Social Life

Global Networking

This is a guest post by Jimi Jones. Welcome to Social Media Notebook, Jimi! Life online is grand, I’ve had a long running love affair with this digital environment. What could be more fun than travelling around the internet and engaging people from all walks of life, while sharing creative ways to get things done?…

Three Things Seth Godin Taught Me About Social Media

Three Things Seth Godin Taught Me About Social Media

This last week, Seth Godin made it official that he is moving away from the conventional book publishing world. Linchpin would be the last book he would publish the conventional way. One of the key reasons Seth cites behind this decision is the realization that his true customers are not the readers – they are…

Will You Use Expanded Follow Fridays Starting Today? #FFEXP

Twitter Follow Fridays

It began with a simple tweet last Friday from Johnny Laird: In his own words – Sometimes the 140 characters can’t do it justice, so this is my expanded version…. Johnny followed it up with a blog post with a more detailed write up on who his recommendations for Follow Friday were going to be….

A Five Step Formula To Fulfill Your Social Media Fantasies


Last night, I was shortlisting my fantasies. Now before I start giving you ideas, let me elaborate a bit more on that 🙂 I’m referring to the fantasies everyone in the social web has about their social media world … the social media fantasies! Here’s the list that I came up with: 1. RSS Subscribers:…

5 Social Sharing Buttons That Help Your Thoughts Go Viral

A few days back, I wrote about the importance of having social sharing turned on your blogs. Not only is it essential – it’s almost a defacto minimum requirement for any blog these days. Now I know there are blogs which do not have social sharing turned on – the blogs of Leo Babauta and…

Social Media Blend Cycles: Online Offline And Online Again

Social Media Full Circle - Online Offline And Online Again

Johnny Laird wrote a wonderful post a few days ago on his blog, Take The Online Offline. In his own words, However, for all its digital aweseomesauce, the real magic happens when you take the online offline, and make the effort to meet with those new friends. Much as I love it, all the good…