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Secondary And Tertiary Channels: 8 Reasons To Invest In Them

Social Media Channels - Base Camp, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Social media is all about channels. You get to pick them, you get to mix and match. And with a wide array and assortment of available channels, it’s impossible to focus on all of them. I am a great proponent of the base camp concept in social media. Your social media basecamp should be your…

Two Social Media Secrets Johannes Gutenberg Didn’t Know

Social Media Secrets Johannes Gutenberg Did Not Know

You’ve probably heard about Johannes Gutenberg – and his rise to fame during the Renaissance period. It’s been a while since I learned this a couple of decades ago in school – and a quick refresher isn’t out of place. Here’s what Wikipedia had to report on him: Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (c….

9 Action Ideas To Make Twitter Personal And Relevant Again

Making Twitter Personal And Relevant Again

A few days ago, Mike Cliffe-Jones had a post on his blog – Why businesses shouldn’t be on Twitter. Of businesses should be, and that is exactly what Mike meant. The key message that Mike wanted to deliver was: The thing with Twitter is that it’s so personal, so individual. Look at some of the…

Reputation In Social Media – 3 Sure Fire Ways To Damage It

For everyone, individuals and corporates alike, reputation is of paramount importance. Can’t stress enough the importance of personal branding and reputation in the offline world. Same is true of the online social media world. Here’s a quick primer on the value of your personal brand and reputation, Seth Godin’s 7-Point Guide to Bootstrap Your Personal…

Social Sharing – Is The Switch On? 4 Reasons It Needs To Be!

I read an interesting tweet from Danny Brown Friday morning: dannybrown: Just read a blog that I loved and wanted to share, but no social sharing options. Don’t make same “mistake“, bloggers. about 17 hours ago via HootSuite · Reply · View Tweet I started out making the same mistake with this very blog, Social…