A Problogger’s View On Social Media Base Camps

Is That How Your Social Media Basecamp Looks?

Is that how your social media base camp looks? Dilapidated,  run down and waiting to collapse?

Over the past few months, I have been harping on the importance of having a good base camp in social media.

I first wrote about this topic in Where’s Your Social Media Base Camp – and then in The Hidden Dangers of Not Having A Social Media Base Camp.

The deal here is pretty simple – your base camp in the social world is not LinkedIn, not Twitter and definitely not Facebook. If it is, you’re probably on a slippery slope already. Base camps are meant to be permanent – and should have the ability to withstand the elements.

Which is why my heart skipped a beat when Brian Clark of Copyblogger tweeted about Six Apart and TypePad:

Six Apart Is No More

Something was definitely brewing over at Six Apart headquarters ever since the announcement of shutting down Vox, their free blog platform came out a few weeks back. This is like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Ban Parr wrote about what this means for TypePad, the premium paid blogging platform that Six Apart provided on Mashable:

SAY Media says that it will continue to support Movable Type and TypePad, but forgive us if we’re skeptical that will last. The new entity is clearly focused on building out a new-age advertising network, not on building out a blogging platform to compete with WordPress or Tumblr.

From what we’ve seen before, we bet it won’t take long for resources to be allocated towards the advertising network and away from Movable Type. It will be the beginning of the degradation of a platform that has already lost much of its relevance, despite hosting The Huffington Post and major blogs from ABC, the BBC and others.

Advertising is where the money is for this new organization. While we don’t expect Movable Type or TypePad to go anywhere for a long time, we doubt anything new or innovative will come out of them, either.

Which brings us back to the original concept yet again. You’re online – you’re interacting with your social world. Build a base camp first. One that you have control over – and will last (at least) as long as you.

While there are many blogging platforms to choose from – WordPress.com, TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr and Posterous – today is one day when I am going to stick my neck out and recommend that a self-hosted WordPress blog is only way to go in social media success.

Choose anything else, and you’re gambling with success. Oh, and there are alternatives if you don’t want a self-hosted WordPress base camp. Pick Joomla. Or Drupal. Squarespace is good too.

But for me – and for most of the other probloggers, WordPress works wonders. Sure, a web host could go down – or out of business. But with a good back up plan like VaultPress or BackupBuddy, getting our base camp up again is never a problem.

What do you think?

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