Social Media Notebook Summer Fun – And Goodie Time

As summer 2010 comes to an end (here in California), I wanted to do something different today. It’s time for some summer fun – and catching the last golden summer days before the colors of fall set in.

You’ve probably guessed it by now – but Social Media Notebook is here to stay. We’re past the first fifty posts – and I’m looking forward to filling up many more notebooks over the coming months 🙂

It’s goodie time here today – and for the next one week. I’m giving out two one-hour one-on-one personalized social media strategy sessions. No strings attached, really!

I have bunch of things that I will be talking about during these strategy sessions. But more than me, these would be about you. It’s like getting me by your side and ransacking my brain. We’ll talk about your blog strategies, review your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter efforts and uncover hidden gems that will take your social media efforts and returns to the next level.

Now – I am not going to get gimmicky and put some incredulous dollar figure against these sessions. I’ll be spending an hour exclusively with you for sure – and no matter what you take away from it, there’s one thing I can guarantee. There’s no way you can come to one of these sessions and walk away disillusioned.

You will learn at least a dozen new tips, tricks and techniques that will help you score higher in (and with) social media.

Not bad, right?

That brings me to the rules of the game. Between today and next Sunday (29th August 2010), just answer three simple questions:

  1. Who, in your opinion, are today’s social media leaders (existing/emerging)?
  2. Which single blog post/comment has had the most profound impact on your social media life?
  3. What is that one thing in social media that you know you should be doing – but are not doing currently?

Your answers to these questions go down in the comments section. And while the answers won’t carry a score in selecting the winners for the goodie giveaway, it would be nice to hear your thoughts on the questions.

I’ll pick two winners at random from all the comments that I receive – and will announce them on 1st September.

Ready for some fun? Let your answers begin.

And hey, don’t get too serious. This is just some summer fun – so let’s keep it that way 🙂

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