Social Media Strategies: 60 Ways To Increase Your Influence Online

Last week (6th July, 2010 to be precise), I had the good fortune of attending the shortest marketing conference ever.

The 60 In 60 conference was part of the Influencer Project, lauched by Sam Rosen of ThoughtLead – and featured some of the best and brightest minds in social media spilling some of their beans of wisdom. The speaker lineup included, amongst others:

  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Brian Clark
  • Hugh McLeod
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • Chris Garrett
  • Yaro Starak
  • Dave Navarro and
  • Nathan Hangen

The one hour presentation was pretty interesting to listen in. There were some key thoughts that resonated with me – and will resonate with any good social media strategist. Here they are in a nutshell:

… People don’t care about products and services; what they care about are themselves. And they care very, very deeply about solving their problems.David Meerman Scott

Well – people do care about products and services,  but David is right. They care about the products and services that solve their problems. The core of any successful social media strategy is to do some homework (call it market research, or anything else) to ensure that you products and services help solve real problems.

… instead of sticking to one niche, think bigger: what other social circles are related to yours? How can you go over and help other people, contribute to something else, and be a part of what they’re doing? Then you’re not only known in one circle, but two, and you’re building influence and authority in twice as many places. – Chris Guillebeau

Social media is all about cross-pollinating – thoughts, concepts, ideas and products. We all have multiple spheres of interactions based on the different roles we play in life. It’s not like we are all stereotypes – the idea that we are uniquely “us” isn’t new. And that means we can relate to same concepts in different spheres. That’s exactly what Chris talks about. I may be interested in football, because I love the game – but probably also because my kids love it – or because we are starting a new league at work.

The possibilities are infinite. Leverage them!

… there are a lot of people who will tell you what you should write about, how you should behave online, the conventions that you should follow. And the most things that I’ve got from where I’m not just sort of achieving, but doing very well, has been when I’ve stepped outside of the boundaries, written about things that don’t make sense to write about from a business perspective, broken some rules, defied a lot of conventions. – Johnny B. Truant

Rules, etiquette and conventions are good – and have their place in everything, including social media. That’s one of the reasons all of us can live in civilized society and look beyond the island of tyranny. But there’s a lot of merit to this thought. Many a success stories are born when we break rules first, and ask for forgiveness later. Some call it proactivity. Others refer to it as thinking outside the box.

Whatever terminology we use, it’s this breaking the rules, that always creates lasting success and legacy. It’s the concept that helped David take on Goliath. It’s also the concept that will help drive success with social media.

That also leads me into an interesting side note – this conference was also very unique. I haven’t heard of too many similar events happening in the past, do you? And this ties back into one of my original social media success tenets, Innovation Trumps Everything Else In Social Media.

How are you innovating?

The MP3 recording and the transcript from the 60 In 60 Conference are still available on the Influencer Project website, so now wouldn’t be a bad time to get them. You will need to provide your email address – but in my opinion, the opt-in is definitely worth the value.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear the ideas that resonate with you!

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