5 Pragmatic Ways To Use Social Media In Anonymous Blogging

Just yesterday – Problogger, Darren Rowse had a very interesting guest post by Treacle (The Lingerie Addict), entitled Anonymous Blogging 101: a Quick and Dirty Primer.

The original post is a highly recommended read – but it also got me thinking as to how anonymous blogging might impact social media (marketing, interactions and everything else).

There are two terms to be aware of here – privacy and anonymity. And they are very different in meaning when it comes to blogging and social media.

There is always an element of privacy in everything we do online – blogging, social media or otherwise. We don’t end up disclosing everything about us on say Twitter or Facebook. Our social media interactions are always judicious and prudent – even after being authentic, real, and genuine reflections of our thoughts and emotions. Privacy is social media is good – and is the recommended way to go.

When it comes to anonymous blogging, though, we enter a totally different realm of social media. As Treacle rightly pointed out in her post, there are three reasons that can lead to anonymous blogging:

  1. Privacy and Safety
  2. Honesty
  3. Personality and Character

The three types of anonymous blogging (full-on, semi and secret identity) add to this list and the permutations that result are quite a lot to deal with. How does one deal with the challenges that anonymous blogging throws in the way of social media?

Here are 5 pragmatic ways to use social media in anonymous blogging:


Don’t confuse anonymity with credibility in your social media interactions. Even though you choose to be anonymous, be credible.

Anonymity does not grant you license to be imprudent, unwise or dishonest. Being credible is one of the cardinal rules of social media – and applies equally well to anonymity as well.

Credibility in anonymous blogging automatically will automatically lead you to …


We humans love mysteries. We love to be a part of secrets, either from the inside or outside. This human psychology carries through in social media interactions when there is an element of suspense involved.

Be candid about why you want to remain anonymous. People will love you for it – and for your convictions. This one thing will distinguish you from the every one else – and make you social media efforts worthwhile.

You don’t have to share your primary and secondary details – but sharing tertiary details about yourself will help your audience connect with you. These tertiary details could include your favorite lists (books, movies, authors…) or anything else that does not give away clues to your identity or location.

Also be sure to share the big picture about your intentions with your audience – this could be a formal, informal mission statement – or a personal credo/manifesto.


The third important element to be aware of during social media interactions while remaining anonymous is consistency. No matter what the day, or weather, or your own personal emotions and moods, be sure to come through in a consistent voice, tone and mindset.

You don’t want to message out one thing today, and something totally different in meaning tomorrow when your moods are different.

You contacts and connections will catch the lack of consistency very quickly – and this will no doubt dilute the essence and meaning of your convictions.

This is even more important if you also have non-anonymous social media interactions in other spheres of your life.

Brand You:

Be aware that your anonymous persona is brand you for the world.

No matter what course your anonymity takes, be sure to build a brand around it.

You may eventually come out, and merge your secret identity brand with brand you. But till that happens, your anonymous persona is your only brand, as well as your only go to audience plan.

You Are Larger Than Your Anonymity

At the end of the day, at all times recognize that you are larger than your anonymity.

Success or failure with your anonymous alter-ego not withstanding, maintain your own identity and make it stronger with every passing day. You want your anonymity be a mirror of who you really are – along with your personal values, emotions and feelings.

Don’t create a ghost identity that is not in agreement with who you really are – and you’ll be far more credible and successful in your social media efforts.

You will also be able to merge the multiple identities into one – your true identity and brand you, if – and when the time comes, without any loss of brand value, followers or face.

What do you think? Is there something else you do to be successful in social media while maintaining anonymity?

(Image Credit: JacobDavis http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacobdavis/)

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