Social Media: Do You Really Connect?

Last evening, I received a flyer by mail. It came from McDonald’s.

Usually all flyers that I receive land in the recycle bin almost immediately. Many a times, I dispose them off right by the mail box.

This one was different. It made it’s way into my home, and is sitting right by the door. I plan to use it this weekend. It promises to be a wonderfully sunny summer weekend, and I am looking forward to enjoying a super cold frappe mocha.

I usually don’t frequent McDonald’s – probably been there twice in the last six months.

So why the sudden love?

Take a second look at the flyer. It’s in Hindi (although it uses the Roman script – something we do quite often in India). And I received this in San Jose, CA. How cool is that?

To decipher the Hindi text, it says, “It’s out treat! Come to McDonald’s – and enjoy!”

Now I know – it’s fairly easy to do such demographically targeted marketing. But how many companies do actually do that? That too in an inoffensive way – and make it memorable?

Just yesterday, I was talking about making your social media world memorable – how many of us actually go the extra mile to do that? To create a unique experience every time anyone interacts with us – online or offline?

Last week, Scott Stratten of Un-Marketing had a wonderful post on his blog, Why I Changed My Coffee Religion. I do recommend the post as an essential read.

The story and the metaphor apart, the post had a very succinct gist. To quote Scott,

You need to know if your customers are happy, and if they aren’t you need to know why and how you can change it. You need to know where you stand in the eyes of your customers. Are they happy, are they ecstatic, or are they just there holding on until someone better comes along? You do not want your brand to be in that zone with current customers where the experience gap has left a space for the competition. You cannot be complacent or inattentive leaving your hard-earned market ripe for the picking.

There were also follow up ripples that appeared on Twitter:

No wonder Scott was thrilled:

unmarketing: Awesome, McDonalds responds to the tweet
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I’d be thrilled too, if someone gave me so personal a service – and really connected with me – all while creating a red-carpet experience.

One of the vital elements of successful social media marketing is to connect with your tribe. And being able to do it in a way that makes sense – and goes far beyond the point in time marketing effort.

I’ll sure remember the McDonald’s flyer – and the experience for a long time to come. Perhaps forever.

McDonald’s got Scott Stratten to change his coffee religion. It enticed me visit them for a super chilled drink on a hot summer afternoon. All by connecting.

What are you doing to create such lifetime experiences – and really connect in your own social media world?

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