Social Media Strategy – 5 Reasons To Audit Yours

You’re spending time, money, energy, effort and resources on social media. If you aren’t, you should be!

What if I tell you that there exists an exact science to plug the leaks in your own social media strategy? Leaks, that unlike the BP efforts to plug the oil well, really work?

Danny Brown talks about using blog lists for your social media strategy in his post. Not only that, he inteprets the stats for you, and weaves them into a strategy.

I’m going to take what Danny says to the next level. Here are the five parameters on which you should be assessing your social media strategy:


Are you using the right channels in your social media strategy? Or you’re stuck on Facebook when you should be on LinkedIn and Twitter? Ascertain that you have a personal SWOT analysis of what each channel means for your social media strategy, and how the stats look. Then use the right mix – and blend the channels appropriately.

Demographics: As Danny rightly says in his post,

One of the things I saw as a result of the post were a few emails that said, “Great stats, but how would you use information like that for your business?”

Now, it’d be tempting to say, “Easy – hire my company!” but instead here are a few ways on how you could use a stat from each platform ….

Have the stats broken down to the demographic granularity for each of your channels. Then pick the channels to match the demographics – or the demographics to match the channels!

Content/Message Relevancy:

Going back to the earlier parameters, is your content/message relevant to the channel-demography mix?

You will more likely than not need variations both on content and message to hit the bulls eye – to resonate with your audience.

Make sure you factor this in and work on the variations without getting hung up on a single monotone.


You’re sure spending a lot of effort on your social media strategy – effort that includes money, time, resource, energy. Do you have an objective list of what you expect in return? For both the short term and long term?

Social media is definitely a long haul game, but you need to be clear on what you expect out of it. Otherwise it very easily becomes a blackhole that gobbles up everything else in return for nothing.


This one is my favorite. Social media is all about connections – real, authentic connections. If you connections are part of your tribe, you should be getting leverage. If not, something is amiss. You better revisit your social media strategy to see if you could benefit from doing a social media makeover – and start building real, authentic, genuine connections that walk lock in step with you.

Agree? Anything else you would like on this list of audit parameters?

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2 Responses to Social Media Strategy – 5 Reasons To Audit Yours
  1. Danny Brown
    Twitter: DannyBrown
    July 8, 2010 | 9:25 am

    Hey there Kapil,

    Love how you’ve extended my post here and offered your readers solid advice on how to build from the suggestions I make.

    That’s the beauty of social – we all benefit when we learn together. 🙂

    • Kapil Apshankar
      July 12, 2010 | 9:39 pm

      Thanks Danny!

      Yes – that’s what social media is meant to be all about. At it’s best, social media is a wonderfully symbiotic channel of communication.

      Also, as you rightly said in your original post, everyone can benefit by spending some time on plugging the social media strategy leaks – and paying attention to the platform statistics. Playing to the strong points of every platform is more optimal than just firing off in random directions without a game plan.