A Five Step Formula To Fulfill Your Social Media Fantasies

Last night, I was shortlisting my fantasies. Now before I start giving you ideas, let me elaborate a bit more on that πŸ™‚

I’m referring to the fantasies everyone in the social web has about their social media world … the social media fantasies!

Here’s the list that I came up with:

1. RSS Subscribers: What’s a good number to go with? Brian Clark of CopyBlogger has 125K.

2. Confirmed Email Optins: That’s one number you never publicly get, but I’m guessing anyone would be happy with 10,000.

3. Twitter Followers: Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has 104K. Now – that’s awesome, isn’t it?

4. LinkedIn Connections: Too bad, unless I am connected to someone, Linked In only shows me a generic 500+ number. I was trying to find out how many Dan Schawbel of Personal Branding Blog has.

5. Number of Comments: Chris Guillebeau’s A Brief Guide To World Domination fetched 430 comments. I’ll peg my number at 43 now – and I’ll be happy πŸ™‚

6. File Downloads: Michael Dunlop gives away a free report on his Income Diary blog – that has been downloaded 48000 times!

7. Video Views: The almost-legendary Susan Boyle had her video viewed 48 million times on YouTube, plus a few more million times elsewhere. Try beating that.

8. Retweets, Likes and Diggs: These are more ephemeral, but about 200 diggs should help you get on the home page, like Raj Persuad and his take on happiness.

So much for the social media fantasies and the numbers. Point is, there’s little meaning in these numbers unless you can translate at least a fraction of them in your own social web. Without that, everything is just a pipe dream.

So how does one go about converting these fantasies into reality? The rules are surprisingly simple – and they haven’t changed in a long long time:

1. We’ve got two ears, and only one mouth. That’s for a reason. Listen – listen – listen. Add listening tools to your social media efforts. (Chris Brogan)

2. Be authentic. Be yourself. You don’t need to be the first – you just need to be the best! (Nathan Hangen)

3. Follow the Law of the Farm. Success takes time. It also takes effort. Patience, persistence, perseverance – all are needed. (Larry Brooks, Darren Rowse – and shameless promotion, me)

4. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on your priorities and core. Don’t sell baldness cream to Seth Godin. (Danny Brown)

5. Be the glue that brings people together – and keeps them connected. Be a facilitator, and integrator. (Joanna Ciolek)

Your social media fantasies are good – as long as you can create a reality in your social media world based on them. Let these fantasies be the fuel that skyrocket your social media success.

Looks like social media success thrives on common sense, after all!

What say?

(Image Credits: See-ming Lee http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/)

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