Is Your Social Media World Unique And Memorable?

All of us are unique, in own little ways. Call it eccentric, if you like. Why shouldn’t our social media interactions be as unique and eccentric as we are?

I was talking with my toddler son last evening. He was talking a different lingo. We were reading a book, Toy Story 3, and to a picture of the key characters he said, “Hello every guys!”. How unique is that?

I haven’t heard anyone say that – at least not for a long time. And grammatical mistakes apart – isn’t that memorable? I’m sure I will remember those words for a long time to come.

Every interaction that you have – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – or any where else in your social word – even offline presents a window of opportunity for you to be unique. To make a distinct impression. To be memorable.

Yesterday, Matt Fox had an interesting post, The Disney Experience on Grant Griffith’s blog, Blog For Profit. I was mesmerized by the metaphorical comparison Matt provided – and would highly recommend reading the original post.

To quote Matt,

Disney creates an incredible sensory experience on each of their rides. Many of the popular rides exit into a small theme store. So, when you exit Star Tours or Pirates of the Caribbean you have this charged feeling from the ride still bouncing around inside you. Then, it’s only a natural and logical step to build your own Light Saber or get a pirate hat as you’re leaving the ride. There’s no pressure to buy. It’s just the next logical step on your way through the park. Just like a good product launch.

Now, think about what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. Are you building that experience so the customer takes that next natural step? Have you thought about what the experience is the buyer wants? Are you selling a product or the experience you can provide your buyer?

I couldn’t but agree more. Part of my comment to Matt’s post was,

The big picture for any enterprise should be to offer an experience that far exceeds the cash value – and then customers turn into raving fans – and happily pay. The exchange of currency, then, no longer remains in the world of trickery. It transcends into a separate world of its own – and leads to a connected buyer-seller relationship where true synergy happens.

Social media works best when used as a huge melting pot of different colors. Each color maps into the unique spice mix that each one of us brings to the table.

Plain vanilla would make Twitter a pretty boring place, wouldn’t it? Ditto with other social channels.

Take the time out today, to make your social world unique and memorable. It’ll be time well spent, or should I say invested?

As Robert Frost rightly said in his widely acclaimed and quoted poem, The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I am unique. Only I can be as good as I am.

As much as I cannot impersonate someone else in terms of aptitude, traits and style, no one else can be me.

So I am making my own social media interactions memorable – everyday and in every way. Making a mark. Leaving a distinct impression that’s unmistakably mine.

Are you?

Are you planning on taking the less traveled road?

Are you comfortable taking the offbeat path?

Are you willing to throw in your own spice?

I’d love to hear your stories about how you are making your social media world unique and memorable.

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