Secondary And Tertiary Channels: 8 Reasons To Invest In Them

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Social media is all about channels. You get to pick them, you get to mix and match. And with a wide array and assortment of available channels, it’s impossible to focus on all of them.

I am a great proponent of the base camp concept in social media. Your social media basecamp should be your (ideally self-hosted) blog, with the About Me page being the main door. (Did you read: Where’s Your Social Media Base Camp?)

Then there are the primary channels – the social media platforms where you spend the most of your time on. Most of us don’t look beyond these primary platforms – but there is gold to be mined beyond these obvious platforms. I call these the secondary and tertiary channels.

Last month, I wrote a guest on Danny Brown’s blog, Social Media Roadmaps, where I spoke about spending time on secondary and tertiary channels.

So why would you want to spend time on the secondary and tertiary channels?

Here are 8 compelling reasons why should:

1. Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond: The secondary and tertiary platforms in social media are grossly underused opportunities waiting to be mined. Almost everyone thinks of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when they think of social media. Truth is, there is life beyond the big three.

You might not have a hundred thousand followers on Twitter – but you can make an indelible impression in your non-primary platforms.

2. Reap Larger Payoffs: This ties back into being a big fish in a small pond. The larger you get in a smaller pond, the larger payoffs you will reap in your social world. Payoffs that make a difference – real, authentic, genuine connections and interactions.

3. Get Sticky: As the number of platforms you use increases, your interactions tend to get sticky. Sticky not in a bad sense – sticky from a longevity perspective. Your audience will just connect better with you because there will be some channel resonance for everyone.

4. Expand Your Universe: A while ago, I wrote about Creating Experiences, Ecosystems and Ubiquitoids in your world. This expanding the universe metaphor ties back beautifully well into those original concepts.

5. Make Your Content Memorable: Single tweets get monotonous. Messages on the wall head the same way. Multiple channels bring in diversity – and break the monotone in your content. Secondary and tertiary channels enable you to make your content rich (both in tone and quality). You will then be able to blend these platforms into a mix that is uniquely yours.

6. Access Multiple Dominant Learning Channels: We all have dominant learning channels. A few of us learn visually, some others learn aurally. There are also those who learn better kinesthetically.

Same analogy applies to social media. A few of us are comfortable with conventional interactions on Twitter (or Facebook, LinkedIn). But there are others who would connect way better with you through video, images, presentations, documents or live streaming.

7. Convert Brand Loyalty Into Raving Fans/Tribes: Brand loyalty is one thing – we all would love to convert our audiences into raving fans. You’ll head that way faster riding your secondary and tertiary platforms.

8. Gain Added Leverage For Your Base Camp And Primary Channels: Every interaction you have, every connection you make, every content piece that you publish ties back into your base camp and your primary platforms. Look at it wholistically, and you’ll get tremendous leverage in your social media world.

I did a visual depiction of how my base camp interacts with the different platforms I use (or plan to) – and here’s what I came up with:

What’s your version of a similar visual depiction? Now would be a good time to get one done – if you haven’t already.

Social media success calls for an element of creativity and innovation – which also means you need to look beyond the obvious. It really is simple – without being simplistic. And roping in secondary and tertiary platforms into your social media roadmaps is one baby step you can take almost immediately.

Thinking video? How about YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler?

In a mood to stream live? Ever thought about Vokle, UStream, JustIn?

Want to say it better? Say it with a million words using Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa and Photobucket.

Thinking linear with documents? How about Scribd, Slideshare, Issuu, Prezi or Sliderocket?

Want to explore and express your thoughts using radiant thinking? Try MindMeister for starters.

Bottom line is – your base camp and primary channels bring in the peaks – the secondary and tertiary channels provide the long tail. What do you think?

How does your social media strategy look like?

What else are you doing to blend your social media base camp and primary channels into the secondary and tertiary?

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