The 5 Faces Of Twitter – The Honey Trap And The Reward – Part II

In part I of this post, you saw the first three faces of Twitter. This post continues that journey and winds up with thoughts on making the most of your Twitter time.

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PR, Marketing, Branding And Brand You

The fourth important and relevant dimension of Twitter is using it as a powerful PR, marketing and branding tool for the most important brand in the world – Brand You! Here is where you build positive rapport with your connections, market yourself – your products and services, and double up your marketing efforts.

And I love this face of Twitter. This is the place where you can optimize your social media efforts – both in terms of time and spend – and maximize the returns on your social media investments. Think about it as the place with highest social media RoI dividend payouts.

Time Wasters

That leads us to the last, and fifth dimension of Twitter. Time wasters. Are you guilty of spending countless hours on Twitter without any accountability, purpose or return? Hopefully not – and this is exactly the Twitter honey trap to avoid! The simple and real time nature of Twitter makes it particularly susceptible to clutter and noise. And it’s very easy to get lost in the Twitter jungle and convert opportunities for creative, productive engagement into wasted time.

As David Risley says in this blog post, The Big 5 Huge Sucking Sounds For Your Time, “In terms of the things we do as bloggers, messing around with Twitter and Facebook (and similar services) has probably the lowest ROI of any other activity we do. Spending time on building your list, building JV partnerships, guest posting and participating in comments – these things build your brand much more than Twitter.”

This Twitter dimension is the one to stay out of – at all times!

In Conclusion …

As you’ve probably interpreted by now, not all of the five Twitter dimensions have equal power and leverage in them. Some of them are obvious choices to avoid – others are slam dunk options to spend time in.

Which dimension of Twitter are you spending the most of your Twitter time in?

Would you – and shouldn’t you be spending time in the right dimensions of Twitter to really harness its power in your social media endeavours?

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