The 5 Faces Of Twitter – The Honey Trap And The Reward – Part 1

Twitter is here to stay. That’s an undeniable truth of social media success. Never before have we seen a platform that has offered a wide plethora of creative options as Twitter.

And a lot of folks are putting Twitter to a large variety of uses – including some very profitable ones.

Do you already have a Twitter account? I am assuming you do. And if you don’t happen to have a Twitter account, now would be a great time to sign up for one. You are going to need one, anyways!

The way I look at it, there are predominantly five dimensions – or facets – of Twitter. No matter how others use Twitter – or how you are using (or planning to use) it, everything rolls up into the following buckets:

Friends And Family

This is one the most basic, and fundamental usage patterns in Twitter. Anyone who signs up for Twitter inevitably starts using it to connect with friends and family.

This typically takes some sting off the Twitter learning curve – and is definitely the recommended route for beginning your Twitter journey.

Being able to connect – and communicate – with friends and family in real time is a huge advantage. And there’s the added benefit of not getting shackled by conventional email or shocked by radical platforms like Facebook and Orkut.

Learning – Data, Knowledge, Wisdom And Insights

Having mastered the baby steps of Twitter, the next stage that comes in is following the leaders in your area of interest, or expertise – the niche. You probably know them already – or you find about them organically through search – and accidentally by stumbling upon (pun intended!) their blogs or tweets.

That leads to some real learning for you. You probably quickly realize that the tweets from these leaders are authentic and value added. It’s like being able to glean the data from the internet through the filter of these leaders. And this learning very quickly transforms from data into something much more valuable – knowledge,  wisdom and insights.

Sure – at times the knowledge, wisdom and insights have a slight bias to them. But over a period of time, you’ll probably master the topic well enough. You will be able to discern and eliminate the bias – and form your own intelligent conclusions.

Point is, this facet of Twitter makes it super invaluable. You can literally spend a quarter of an hour on Twitter, and walk out more intelligent!

Connections, Engagement With Audience And Partners

The third dimension of Twitter takes us into the realm of building connections with audiences and partners – and really engaging with them. At this point, the assumption is that you are building into a Twitter power user – and have something more than your personal self to share – your professional life, perhaps your business, and definitely a slew of products, services and offerings.

This is also the level where Twitter starts getting profitable – both in terms of connections and financials. This dimension addresses a slew of business functions and processes that come out of the conventional business models – customer support – and more importantly list building. Successfully done, you will emerge out of this face of Twitter with a rich Rolodex of profitable connections – both audience/customers and partners.

To Be Continued…

In part II of this post, you will see the remaining two dimensions of Twitter. Finally this post series will wrap up with thoughts on which dimensions you should be spending your Twitter time in and why.

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