Twitter Tools: HootSuite Rocks – The First Impressions

The world of social media is ablaze with the new release of HootSuite – a professional Twitter client.

Personally, I have hitherto stayed away from Twitter clients, given that they have been flaky – adding an extra layer of uncertainty to the relatively unstable Twitter. I have used TweetDeck and Seesmic on and off, as well as a bunch of other clients in the past. But every time, I ended up with an abandoned campaign – returning back to the Twitter web interface.

I was reading Danny Brown’s review of the new HootSuite this morning entitled HootSuite Just Took The Lead In Third Party Twitter Apps this morning, and after looking at some of the promises took a yet another plunge into HootSuite. My efforts were totally rewarded – and my first impression of the new HootSuite is that it is awesome. Both in the terms of feature set and also in terms of execution. The official HootSuite Blog has a pretty interesting run down of the new features, and a recommended read.

Here are 3 reasons I loved HootSuite, and the top ways in which I have already started using it:

Reduce Clutter And Noise:

Twitter can get unreasonable cluttered and noisy. With the new tabbed interface and multi-stream view, I am down to just two tabs and have been able to cut through all the noise and clutter. I’ve set up 4 streams in each tab – so in a span of 8 streams, I’m really able to streamline my Twitter activity now. Love it.

As an added bonus, HootSuite also connects with FaceBook and LinkedIn – planning to do that next. Haven’t dabbled there yet, but am pretty sure it will be worthwhile.

Save Drafts:

I find the ability to save drafts very handy. Love the fact that I’ll able to make a quick note of something, and tweet about it later – at leisure. I wasn’t able to do this with Twitter web, so this is a definite thumbs up for me.

Filter By Influence:

The influence word seems to be popping up all too frequently since the last couple of weeks. I had a bunch of posts on the same topic here last week – (Trust + Influence) Exceeds (Fame + Power) In Social Media.

I have been gaining a lot of insight into Twitter behaviors using the Klout index – based on the Klout algorithm. Though there are opponents of the Klout algorithm, and it too has its own set of limitations, this is still a pretty good start that goes a long way in improving my Twitter experience and making it relevant to me.

And now the 2 reasons why I was disappointed with HootSuite:

Paid Accounts:

Paid, premium HootSuite accounts are coming in a week or two. At this juncture, I am not sure what I am going to miss out on when they arrive – or how much I will have to pay to retain some of the features I love.

iPhone App:

I also got my hands on the HootSuite iPhone app. The app seemed more robust than its corresponding Twitter counterpart – and definitely more usable. I wasn’t too happy with the fact that it takes me two taps instead of one to favorite a tweet. And then, a bunch of the favorites didn’t go through too well. Not sure if Twitter API is to blame.

The other reason I was a bit disappointed with the app was because the full version of the app (which is free of advertisements) costs $2.99 – a relatively pricey tag in the iPhone world. I would have expected it to be available at the $0.99 price point.

The app itself is good though – I am hoping we see a couple of changes in features, performance and pricing coming our way soon.

Do you need a Twitter client? I won’t be able to put in a recommendation – especially since I was myself using the Twitter web for quite a while with good results. But if you do want to venture out and experiment, HootSuite should definitely be you first pitstop.

In conclusion, I’ll definitely stick my neck out today with one observation – a good Twitter client (not just HootSuite) will definitely make you more effective and productive with social media – and bring a razor sharp focus to your efforts. By what percentage, I don’t know yet. I’ll make myself the guinea pig and report back in some time.

As Danny Brown summed it up on this post –

And with premium accounts coming soon for those that want enhanced teams, analytics, social feeds, support and more, it looks like Hootsuite is going to be the measuring stick that other clients need to start measuring up to.

Are you already on HootSuite? How did you find it? What is working for you – and what isn’t?

Would love to hear other perspectives and points of view!

(Image Credit: HootSuite Logo copyright HootSuite)

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