How To Be A PIA With Social Media

@unmarketing: Got a pissy DM from someone because I didn’t tweet a post they mentioned me in. “This is how it works”. No, no it’s not about 4 hours ago via web (6/21/2010)

PIA is “pain in the a@@, by the way”!

So very true! How many times have you been irritated by people who don’t seem to understand that they are crossing the fine line between social media interactions – and social media irritations?

And have you been one the other side ever?

We all are guilty of being interruptions, distractions and irritations to others in our social media interactions. It helps to take a step back – and consciously ensure that we don’t end up winding down the wrong path.

Also to note is that fact that you never know the other person’s PIA threshold, especially in a world where reaching and interacting with almost anyone is just a tweet away.

What do you think? And while we are on the topic, what’s your own PIA threshold?

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