Social Media And Networking Success: Are You Faking It?

I was reading the latest issue of the Writer’s Digest magazine. As always, this magazine is chock full of information – but one small paragraph caught my attention.

I extracted this text from Make the Most of Any Writing Event by Linda Formichelli:

Network Naturally. Avoid thinking of it as networking. You’re there to meet like-minded folks also struggling to discover what the world means and how to then communicate some form of that back to the world.

Networking is a business word from the business world, and it’s essentially empty. During pitch sessions, don’t come off like a desperate freshman pawing at the most popular cheerleader. Sales don’t happen at conferences, either. It might be good to remember that.

This specific secret came from Cheston Knapp, the organizer of Tin House Summer Writers Workshop.

Although Cheston said this in context of a writers conference, it applies to all of social media – and networking.

Think about it for a minute. How many times do we make a conscious effort to take a step back and think or feel about what others in our social world are doing – or trying to do?

Assuming that we have built a network of real connections, which pre-qualifies that they are all like-minded, their struggles are equally real. As much as social media success isn’t rocket science, it also takes time – the Law of The Farm rules.

It takes time, patience, effort and persistence to build a strong network through social media. Throw in authenticity and empathy and you’ll surely make it. But till you make it – are you faking it? Today? Right now?

If you’re faking it today – you’ll never make it.

Every interaction in social media – every tweet, every blog post, every comment, every video – is a two way communication channel. You’re in it for something – and the others are in it for something too. You’re interpreting the world from your paradigms, and others are making as  much sense of it from their perspectives.

Unless the two ends of the channels meet, everything else is futile. It just not networking.

And like Cheston says, it’s not networking anyways.It’s only meeting like-minded folks.

Social media then, is your tool to join forces. And to make the struggle to discover what your social world means a bit easier and more meaningful for everyone involved.

The more meaningful this gets, the more it will resonate with a wider audience. This upward spiral ultimately leads into a critical mass that transforms social media success into an easy reality.

Isn’t that something we all vie for in the search for success? The key is to be yourself – and the rest you already know – with a bit of common sense!

What do you think?

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