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Like what you read every day at Social Media Notebook? Want more of it? Work with me!

Social media is scary and crazy wasteful. But with the right set of perspectives and guidelines, it can turn around into a satisfying and richly rewarding journey – for individuals and corporates alike.

I can help you get there – and make social media meaningful and effective for you. Tap into my insights, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll save loads of time, money and effort too.

Thinking of working with me on your social media? From strategies to roadmaps – and guidelines to post implementation follow throughs, I can be by your side as a trusted navigator.

And hey, I am fun and easy to work with. I know the terrain, the roads and the lingo.

My social world is driven by authenticity, empathy and genuine interactions that make a positive difference.

I am leveraging the power of social media in my own, personal roadmaps – very successfully. No tricks – no gimmicks.

Would you like to harness the same power and create success stories in your world using social media? I can help – and would be glad to stand by your side.

There are five ways you can tap into my social media insights, to bring about positive – and real – changes to your personal, professional or corporate brands:

  • Speaker Series
  • Corporate/Group Training
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Workshop Sessions
  • Private Seminar Retreats

The social web is filled with diversity – and a one size fits all approach just does not work. Here are several areas that I am working on, and can help as a brainstorm starter list on what brings value in your world:

  • How To Live The Social Media Success Tenets And Build Real Connections
  • Personal and Corporate Social Media Branding
  • Creating Social Media Experiences, Ecosystems and Ubiquitoids In Your World
  • Corporate Social Media Perspectives That Work – Both Internal And External
  • Bringing The Human Touch To Your Social Media Efforts
  • Building A Social Media Roadmap That Works For You
  • Social Media Strategies That Work – And Those That Don’t!
  • Employee Empowerment In Social Media
  • Creating And Delivering Rich Social Media Interactions
  • Getting Your Social Media Efforts (And Investments) To Shine Through The Fog
  • Social Media Fishing Sessions: Learn How To Fish For Yourself And Thrive!
  • Taking The Online Offline
  • Right Channels At The Right Time – Right Platforms For The Right Reasons

Hey – and I’m super easy to work with. I won’t ride a camel herding your sheep – I’ll be on the deck with you steering your ship.

And I offer an insane on-the-stop guarantee – if you’re unhappy and/or unsatisfied with what you get from me, you owe me nothing! Can’t be that, can you?

Contact me via the contact form to work out a highly personalized, custom social media program that can bring high value to your business – and deliver results!